Rune Reading

Rune Reading

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Runes are an ancient alphabetic script, each of whose letters possesses a meaningful name and sound. Images of Runes have been found in many different areas within Europe and it is known that from the beginning, runes took on a ritual function within pre-Christian tribes. They were used for divination and to evoke higher powers that could influence the lives and fortunes of people.

The runes, although originated from Germanic tribes - have become widely known on the European continent and were eventually carried by Anglo-Saxon missionaries. The common runic alphabet is known as Elder Futhark. The tradition of rune casting for divination is still practiced to this day!

Here at Bongos Empire, we are fascinated by Runes and are offering 2 types of online Rune readings:

  • A Three Rune Spread - allows you to consult the runes about a specific question. Three rune stones will be drawn and their meanings will be interpreted in relation to your question in order to provide you with divine guidance.

  • A Five Rune Spread - this spread is more helpful when you need to go deeply into an issue, and to see it highlighted from different perspectives. The reading will include 5 runes drawn and interpreted in relation to your question/concern.

  • Both Rune Spreads will include a photo of your individual spread with your name on it to prove authenticity. It will also include a detailed interpretation of the reading. This will be sent to you via email so make sure you enter your email address!

    Remember that you are consulting an Oracle, not having your fortune told. An Oracle does not predict future, however it can provide guidance about your fears and motivations that will shape your future by clarifying your options and choices. Please speak to a professional should you be in any danger or need any medical advice.

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