Crystal of the day - Rose Quartz!

Rose Quartz is a crystal which is pink in colour and is known to be a master healer for the heart and emotions. It is thought to have the ability to purify and open your heart as well as to teach you the meaning of forgiveness and love. Rose Quartz is also useful when you are dealing with grief. If you are facing conflict or problems within your relationship it can restore trust and harmony. It is an excellent crystal to use in times of crisis as it is deeply soothing and helps you appreciate the beauty around you. It also increases our ability to empathise with others and restore your confidence.

The main functions of Rose Quartz are: enhancing love, sedating, forgiving, assimilating, restoring.

Rose Quartz promotes self-forgiveness and transmutting internalised pain. It can help with releasing unexpressed emotions that may be causing us distress. It is also used to manifest self-love and self-care! It can clear the false belief that you do not deserve love or happiness. Holding your Rose Quartz while repeating positive affirmations can lift up your self-esteem and sense of self-worth.

Reassuring Rose Quartz promotes mental clarity and deep calm. Hold the stone to bring instant tranquillity to your mind. This stone increases your ability to express yourself clearly an increases your creativity.

Source: ‘‘Crystal Healing’’ by Judy Hall.

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