Crystal of the day - Orange Carnelian!

Today’s crystal is Orange Carnelian which is a great stone to use when one is feeling depleted and in need of an extra dose of energy. Carnelian is known to increase creativity and attract abundance as well as direct you towards the right choices in life. It can motivate you towards success. Carnelian is a grounding crystal which can be used to overcome any kind of abuse or low mood caused by past trauma as it can help to bring you into the present moment.

Carnelian’s main functions are to energise, stimulate, cleanse, stabilise and ground into the present moment.

In ancient times Carnelian was a stone which accompanied the dead on their journey to the other world. It is thought to remove the fear of death and to promote acceptance of the cycles of life.

Carrying a Carnelian can protect you against rage, envy and resentment and it can remove negative stresses from your mind. It is capable of cleansing other crystals also. Carnelian makes an excellent pendant and is best used in contact with your skin.

Carnelian is a fantastic crystal to have in your work space as it can create a motivating atmosphere for material success.

Source: ‘‘Crystal Healing’’ by Judy Hall.

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