Crystal of the day - Clear Quartz!

Our focus for today will be the Clear Quartz crystal which is known as the master healer for the mind. The Clear Quartz is the most popular crystal from the quartz family and it contains the full spectrum of visible light. It unites the physical body with the mind, emotions and spirit and it works on many levels, making it the most powerful of healing stones.

The Clear Quartz is an amplifier of energy which can attune itself to your unique needs. It can be used to cleanse, purify and energise. It is extremely easy to programme and its functions are to absorb, store, balance, release and regulate energy.

The Quartz has the ability to amplify our thoughts, both positive and negative, and it is an extremely powerful tool for positive affirmations. Clear Quartz can be charged by concentrating on the outcome you wish to achieve and it brings positive solutions extremely quickly. The purity of this crystal strengthens concentration and unlocks memory. It can also be used to dissolve negative thoughts.

Carrying a Clear quartz is especially useful during times of emotional turmoil as not only it promotes serenity but also provides additional energy to face the cause of our stress. It is also a good crystal to hold during meditation as it enables manifestation of spiritual energy.

Source: ‘‘Crystal Healing’’ by Judy Hall.

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