Crystal of the day - Citrine!

Citrine is a crystal from the very popular quartz family. It is usually yellow or yellow brown in colour. A natural Citrine does not get charged or hold any negative energy and is protective for our environment. It is one of the only two crystals in the world which do not need to be cleansed.

Be careful when buying crystals, as much of the commercial Citrine on the market is in fact heat-treated Amethyst or Smoky Quartz. Those can be recognised by their colour - usually a deeper orange or reddish shade.

Natural Citrine is excellent for promoting manifestation, imagination, success, personal will and is known to be excellent for people suffering with depression as it can help with being optimistic and raising your self-esteem!

Citrine is often referred to as the ‘‘Merchant’s Stone’’ as not only it helps with the process of putting dreams into action and promotes new pursuits, but it also helps in acquiring, sustaining and sharing wealth! It is a fantastic stone to keep in your wallet, purse or cash register to attract money.

Citrine has been known to be helpful during family and peer conflict. It can also attract love and happiness.

Citrine fades in sunlight so do not keep it on a windowsill or in your garden for too long to maintain its colour.

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