Original Protection, Grounding and Healing Crystal Kit

Original Protection, Grounding and Healing Crystal Kit

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We have all been through times of stress, uncertainty and emotional turmoil. For that reason we created a starter pack of crystals which are known for its protective, grounding and healing properties.

The kit contains:

  • 1 Silver Leaf Jasper - it is known to be a protection stone for travelling, and a grounding stone which aids mental clarity.

  • 1 Snowflake Obsidian - it is known as a stone of purity, it provides balance for body and mind, helps to let go of negative thinking and promotes grounding.

  • 1 Hematite - another crystal known for its grounding properties. It makes us feel secure through deepening our connection with the Earth. It brings strength and endurance.

  • 1 Cobalt Blue Obsidian - it is known as a protector from negativity. It helps us relax, keep calm and keep focused.

  • 1 Green Moss Agate - It is known as a stone of new beginnings, natural cleanser and protector from negative auras.

  • 1 Dyed Onyx (colours may vary between brown, blue or green) - It is known to help us recognise our personal strength and release negative emotion.

  • 1 Dyed Agate ( colours may vary between pink, green and purple) - It is known to bring harmony to all aspects of being, it slowly grounds our spirits with a sense of stability.

Shapes and Sizes of crystals may vary. They kit comes in a red organza bag for safekeeping.

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